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Over the last two decades we’ve seen a tremendous change in airport transfers, from the early days of scheduled and charter flights before the onset of the orange aircraft to today, where very large numbers of people are being moved daily by a massively expanded transfer industry. From the large and medium sized transfer companies to the small and owner opporated ones we have expierienced all. The Ski Savoie team can find the best transfer for you, whatever your requirements may be, and if, after we present you with some transfer options you decide to go elsewhere, that’s perfectly okay and it won’t have cost you a thing! Please fill in our short airport transfer form by clicking the button below and we will email a selection of options to you as soon as possible.

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Airport Transfers

Just a few tips to make your holiday in the mountains that little bit more relaxed.


This can save you from potential delays. Price is often the primary choice when booking your holiday, unfortunately the cheap flights mean very early starts or late arrivals! It’s worth paying a little bit extra to arrive late morning or early afternoon to avoid the end of day “rush hour” which can add an hour or more to your transfer time. A late departure after your holiday means an extra day on the slopes, no delays on your way back to the airport and a much quieter airport. Avoiding travelling on Saturdays will also save you time in the airport.


With shared airport transfers available from around €20 or less, the temptation to spend very little is high! BUT this sort of price can mean a very long wait, being left at the airport if your flight is delayed or only being dropped off at the main bus stop, not your accommodation! Not a problem in some resorts just depends on how far it is to your accommodation? If there is a group of you then a private transfer can work out at as little as €25 each! No waiting at the airport and you’re delivered to your door, you can even do a quick shop on the way if needed?


At certain times of the year airports can vary in how busy they get. Weather can cause delays, cancelled and diverted flights. Major airlines are, on the whole, more reliable, with a better chance of returning to their original airport if delayed thus avoiding a long coach trip or a “stay over” until the next mornings flight!

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